The Pepe Saya Questionnaire

by Food Wine Dine

Pepe Saya is the king of butter. 



Name: Pepe Saya

Hometown: Tempe, NSW

Occupation: Buttermaker

Butter to me is....What wine is to a catholic

What is the most surprising thing about butter? It's colour , it's smell - and it's demand

What is your favourite comfort food? Bread and Butter pudding and/or custard and banana

My favourite dish from my childhood is....Ice cream with hundreds and thousands

Food Hero? Ronnie Khan

Where should people be eating? At home

My favourite tool in the kitchen is....My new Kitchenaid

What is your coffee of choice and where do you buy it? At the moment Single Origin from Surryhills

If you could only have 3 food items in your house what would they be? Bread, Butter and Cheese

What's the best advice you have received? Keep it real!

Who inspires you? My wife and children and people who love what they do!

What is your food dream? Watch this space.

Where is your favourite food travel destination and why? Middle east - the colour, the smells... ahhh they love food

What is the next big thing in food? Producers

What is the most underrated ingredient? Truffles

What is your favourite drink? Water

What is your favourite food? Comfort food

The best advice I can give you about cultured butter it

I make butter because....I love it

If I wasn't making butter I' a steel smith

Butter is the new......Black


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Twitter: @pepesaya

Facebook: Pepesaya